Different Approach


Visited kiwiblog for the first time in a while. Surprise surprise a post supporting viligilette initiatives. Hmm, why not stop people being in a situation where they see that robbing someone else is acceptable. Why not decrease instead of increase the gap between rich and the poor. Why not put in place a welfare system that means that nobody is left robbing corner dairy’s to survive. Why not aim for a society in which people don’t feel the need to escape from using addictive and dangerous substances. Why not care for your fellow man?

DPF – Self defence is all well and good but if all the shop owners start using weapons then the people robbing them with weapons are probably not going to say. Damn all the shop owners have weapons, I will not rob any shops. The reason they were robbing the shops will not have changed so it is more likely they will be like. Hmmm I need a better weapon than the shop keepers have. Hmmm I don’ t want to live in a war zone. Why not advocate for increased use of closed circuit surveilence (Which would also help protect against shop lifting). Raise taxes on those that can afford it and use it to train and employ some more police officers so that people know that if they steal they will get caught. At the same time look at the problem of poverty and disillusionment with society. Take away the reasons to steal. This is not a quick solution. You don’t fix problems overnight and we are going to have to live with the consequences of the decisions of our past leaders.


One thought on “Different Approach

  1. Since when have DPF and ‘social responsibility’ had anything to do with each other? LOL..

    Knee-jerk responses and all that …

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