The best idea for a Leader’s Debate yet

From Gordon Campbell:

There is a compromise solution. Let Clark and Key have their one on one debates, but dispose of the journalists. Let the panel of interrogators be comprised of the six minor party leaders. They know the weak points of Labour and National, and they know what they want from their prospective post-election partners. Such an arrangement would have chemistry – hell hath no fury like a small party scorned. Such a line-up could even give us out in viewerland some inkling of how those secret post election dealings may be conducted. Its worth a shot.

2 thoughts on “The best idea for a Leader’s Debate yet

  1. Just a note- if you want to contact TV3, their online contact form is at this address:
    You’ll need a valid email, and it won’t hurt to give them other details so that they know you’re not anonymous. Even if you support Labour or National, if you have interest in any minor party policies, whether they’re championed by Act, Green, Maori Party, New Zealand First, or United Future, this decision has an impact on you, and is a step back to the unproportional, unrepresentative politics of FPP.

  2. Sunrise today had some flippancy about the economy (stoopid!), so I finally jumped onto their website & had a poke at them about trivialising the news/the global meltdown/ the state of the nation, at the expense of silly jokes about fudge making, of all things …

    1st up against the wall when the revolution comes, to be thrown dictionaries at !
    (yes, bad grammar intended as a pun …)

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