The youtube election

Public Address linked to the youtube video of Stephen Franks where he confronts his own ‘I love my dog but that doesn’t mean I should be able to marry it’ statement.

Yeah. Nice work by the camera wielder – that’s the kind of campaigning I like – people getting out in their local communities to hear politicians, unscripted and unmanaged, saying what they really think.  And it turns out the filmer in question was James Barber who has made a string of other political videos too, including one more from Stephen Franks, this time with helpful advice on poverty:

(I’ve got to assume that his quote, this time, is taken out of context, but it’s still worth a giggle.) Then some more negative politics from Labour.

Sue Kedgley obviously does not own an SUV.  Why does Labour have this current negative politics obsession with attacking other parties rather than running on its own record and policies? Barber has also got footage of a Greenpeace whaling protest with Gareth Hughes playing the silent sidekick role.

And a even a Vote Green video!


One thought on “The youtube election

  1. I shall retire the video function on my digi camera, in deference to James’ greater power!

    BTW, James, might borrow you for some feminist action, soonish? 😉

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