Time is running out to save the Nevis River from damnation

Nevis River Fish and Game have put in an application to prevent the Nevis River from being dammed and they need your help to save this last untouched river of consequence in central Otago.

Naturally the local power company opposes the application and conservation groups support it.

MFE have identified the Nevis as a probable hydro site and estimate it could power a 45 MW generator or around 197 GW hours / year. Wow, that’s nearly half a percent of New Zealand’s power usage. For this we would destroy an outstanding fishery, flood an irreplaceable historic site and put another nail in the coffin of our international brand.

Given the 30 MW Matakitaki will cost about 100 million It’s likely the Nevis will be somewhere in that region. How much electricity do you think we could save with 100 million dollars? I bet it’s more than one 200th of our national usage. The only reason this application is being opposed is because Pioneer Generation make their money from generating power and not saving it.

So now you have two choices – turn away and leave it for someone else to deal with. Or you can submit your unqualified support for the application at
http://www.mfe.govt.nz/issues/water/freshwater/water-conservation/kawarau/kawarau-order-nevis-river.html. Submissions close on October 3.

No matter what the outcome on this application you can be sure that the plans to damn our pristine rivers will continue no matter how little sense it makes. The only thing that can save them is organised action, so keep informed.
Keep NZ Rivers Free Flowing
Wild Rivers Action Project

Photo courtesy of coincidink | Crosspost from www.joshuavial.com


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