If it bleeds it leads? – Caption Contest

I could have done some blatant link whoring [posting of nudity to increase audience : Sorry DPF my mistake with blogging jargon]like the national party mouthpiece aka kiwiblog but I don’t go in for that crap. Anyway to the meat of the post </groan> apparently the ODT likes to buck the trend … Or not seeing the dom went with the nudist the other day. Anyway I thought I would share the front page of Saturdays ODT and I will offer a prize for the best caption[1]:

Well, I suppose at least it is not shrek the sheep!
[1] No guarentees the prize will have any monetary, or any intrinsic value at all. In fact it might not even have a physical manifestation.


13 thoughts on “If it bleeds it leads? – Caption Contest

  1. Umm how do I link whore? As far as I know that is the practice of regularly posting URLs to posts on your own blog, on other people’s blogs.

    I don’t think I have ever done that.

    Do you mean something else by link whoring?

  2. Yeah, I’d agree with dpf. Kiwiblog plays an important role in the blogosphere and supports other blogs across the spectrum to find exposure with wider audiences. If anything I reckon other blogs ‘link-whore’ on dpf’s site, when they can.

    Anyway, back to the photo – I remember being on Otago Campus during the 1999 election when Peters came to speak. Winston Peters refused to share a podium with Phillida Bunkle after they had accidentally both been invited to speak on the same day by OUSA, and demands that she sit in the audience instead.

    Then, towards the end, once he had grandstanded enough she stood up to ask a question from the floor. He stormed out in huff to his car. 1000 students in an uproar. Pandemonium. It was brilliant theatre.

    Seems like audiences for Peters have shrunk a bit since those days!

  3. Sorry since apoligise dpf. Wrong terminolgy will change. Was refering to your practise of posting attractive pictures of scantily clad females and sometimes males to boast your sites google ranking.

  4. 1) sp: “guarantees”

    2) [as the look on the face of the women seated by the pa, directly behind Winnie might suggest …]
    caption: Wow, it really is ‘brass monkey’ weather!

  5. Okay, since no-one else seems to be playing, I’ll have a second stab:

    Oooh. If it cums it runs. But, if it doesn’t, is that part of my election expenses too?

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