Riding whales before they become extinct

As I failed to tell you in my last post, the awesome candidate who is now standing for Maungakiekie for the Green Party is Rawiri Paratene, who was in Whale Rider. Like a number of Green candidates (including yours truly), he does not want to become an MP, but is giving his name and time to try and get as many Green MPs in the next Parliament. As he put it: “My message to people is to party vote Green, I say to people `Vote for your kids and your grandchildren – they will thank you for it.” So to all of you who do party vote Green, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Original post on Zackarate Island.

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About zacharydorner

I'm an 18 year old running as a candidate for the Green Party this election. This is because I care deeply about the world around us - the planet and the people who live on it. I also care deeply about the fact that young people - especially those under 18 - are so poorly represented in our "democratic" institutions. My personal blog is zackarateisland.blogspot.com, but I will contribute here as I see relevant to keep all you beautiful readers of gblog informed.

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