I’m in Auckland! Poppin’ up like a whack-a-mole

As I said on my own blog already, my sincere apologies for my lack of action lately. But never fear, just like a whack-a-mole, you can’t keep me down for long. So now I’m in Auckland and, for better or for worse you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

On Thursday I came up here, and that evening I attended the Auckland Campaign launch as an Auckland candidate. Thus, I will now be hanging here for the next seven weeks.

It was a great night at the Safari Lounge in Ponsonby where we proudly announced the 21 candidates in 21 electorates – the first time we’ve had a candidate in every electorate. My one will be Pakuranga after my official selection evening coming up this week. Apart from the other excellent candidates there’s also a very high profile candidate who has leant his good name and time, and will be running in Maungakiekie. So watch out.

Most important of all we have an undeniably strong message, summed up perfectly by our much-praised bilboards. Which political party would you most trust with your children’s future? I know I’m hedging my bets to ensure maximum Green representation in the Parliament.

I’m gonna be having a good time getting out that message in Auckland, so see you round.

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About zacharydorner

I'm an 18 year old running as a candidate for the Green Party this election. This is because I care deeply about the world around us - the planet and the people who live on it. I also care deeply about the fact that young people - especially those under 18 - are so poorly represented in our "democratic" institutions. My personal blog is zackarateisland.blogspot.com, but I will contribute here as I see relevant to keep all you beautiful readers of gblog informed.

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