Nader’s humourous soliloquy

I love it when a politician doesn’t take himself/herself too seriously. Ralph Nader, who is not the Green Party candidate in the US this time around, delivers a very humourous soliloquy. It does reflect how it used to be around here, before MMP. When a minor party candidate couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Thank god things have changed here!

4 thoughts on “Nader’s humourous soliloquy

  1. God, he seems self obsessed. The solution isn’t another crusader (the same old crusader), it’s grassroots democracy and appropriate decision making. Sounds like a party I know… Cynthia 08! šŸ˜‰

  2. A serious overhaul of the USA’s antiquated “first past the post” voting system is seriously overdue … for the sake of the citizens of the USA, the future of the Greens or any other minor Party in that country, and the sake of the Planet !

    The major problem seems to be that the populace believes what they are taught in school (hands on heart) and reinforced by their media: that their seriously antiquated system is THE “True Democracy”.

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