messy and bad

It “creates a mess and is bad”, says Federated Farmers president Don Nicholson, “but his Federation will try and get some common sense and practical solutions to the mess”.

Is Mr Nicholson talking about manure-splattered roads, or rivers turned green with effluent or even fields churned to mud by the hooves of cattle? No, he’s complaining about the Emissions Trading Scheme, despite the immunity from cost his farmers will enjoy until 2013. What a bloke! What a Federation! What a crock!

5 thoughts on “messy and bad

  1. Emissions trading IS a mess. The problem is that our preferred solution, a carbon tax, is basically off the table for now.

  2. Why oh why didn’t the Feds, the Nats and the swarms of detractors and nay-sayers support the original Green tax on carbon??? To take a swipe (Mr Dennis) at the Greens because they have had to settle for third-best option, is a poor showing from you. What did you have to say when the original proposal was put foward? Were you wildly enthusiastic or as reluctant as you are now toward the ETS?

  3. Prospero, in order to support a carbon tax I would have to be convinced that reducing emissions like that is cost-effective. Can we actually fend off climate change with emissions reductions or should we be adapting? I don’t think we can fend it off as countries like China will just keep on emitting whatever we do. Wasting money on a carbon tax or ETS reduces our ability to grow the economy and place ourselves in a position to adapt to climate change when and if it occurs. This policy needs to be worked out scientifically, if the science says we can’t fend it off (and even if Kyoto is completely obeyed it would have little effect), we should be doing something else.

  4. Mr Dennis – there is far more to it than ‘fending off’ climate change. There is developing a change of thinking and action over what we ‘spill out’ in terms of our resource use. We are suffering and in line to suffer,more and more effects of our careless discard style of living and this ETS and more pointedly, a carbon tax, will help focus our actions for whatever is ahead. The goal is not simply to ‘fend off’ or try to beat rising global temperatures. There are many more ills that stem from our behaviour and this action is but the first of many actions we will need to take. Let’s get started. Your call to do nothing til the science is in, is bosh. We are already cutting it terribly fine and dithering like that you propose will increase the chances of us losing the game altogether.

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