Pale Blue Dot

Stevedore posted recently on Earthrise, the iconic photograph produced by the Apollo 8 mission on their first voyage to the moon. It’s a beautiful shot, and certainly puts the world into perspective.

Far more meaningful to me is the image produced by Voyager on its epic journey through the Solar System, and out into the void of space. At one point Voyager’s cameras were able to turn back and take a shot of our home. What we saw, according to Carl Sagan, was a speck of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.

This image underscores our reliance on this planet for our survival…it is the only one we have; there certainly don’t appear to be any more in the vicinity that we can move to once we’ve trashed this one.

Carl Sagan was probably one of the most formative figures in my political development; his writings on science, atheism and astronomy have shaped my views more than anyone’s on where we are going as a species.

Watch the video below, recorded by Carl before he died, and his views on our futile wars and destruction on the Pale Blue Dot [Warning somewhat cheesy music, and a confusing view of earth from…earth?]

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