How many hospital closures, and where?

Well, hot on the heels of Jim Anderton releasing National’s “draft” health policy, National have now released the “official” version. I took particular note of this point:

To overcome these challenges, DHBs need to work more closely together. Sharing clinical services across boundaries can sustain patient access without centralising services, and provide safer workloads.

Now, this is policy-speak sanitisation for hospital closures!

What I’d like to know is how many, and where?

1 thought on “How many hospital closures, and where?

  1. Toad, you’re really clutching at straws. You ignore this point:
    “National will continue the growth in health spending set out in the 2008 Budget. This includes the Government’s indicative spending allocations.”

    They are going to spend MORE than labour. They are also promising more of this money to go to frontline staff. Now I am no National supporter as you well know, but you are really clutching at straws with this criticism, obviously you couldn’t find anything else serious to criticise.

    They are also supporting a greater use of private hospitals, which is similar to our plan to contract out procedures to public hospitals whenever anyone is facing a waiting list of 6 months or more, so it is quite compatible with our own proposals. Can you find anything serious to criticise?

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