Everyone loves our billboards

The Green Party’s election billboards have received almost universal acclaim. Chris Trotter thinks they are so effective they will add 2% to the Green Party’s vote.

So does Matthew Hooton – about the only thing I’ve ever seen Trotter and Hooton agree on. Hooton is picking the Greens to get 10% at the election, which is interesting given that he was closely associated with the National Party’s 2005 campaign.

But perhaps the most flattering blog post on them is one by Steve Pierson over at The Standard, where he takes the piss – at the National Party’s expense!

1 thought on “Everyone loves our billboards

  1. Blah. The Standard are all about attacking National. Nothing wrong with that, but many of their attempts are quite tortured and cringe inducing, which detracts from the great graphs and numbers work they do – something they should be proud of and focus on.

    This is an example of the former – it’s just empty rhetoric, and looks stupid. I like g.blog because it hasn’t until now engaged in that…

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