The Homophobia Party

Yesterday the Family Party released this extraordinary media statement:

Station crossing lines of public decency
Family Party Candidate for Northland, Melanie Taylor, is concerned over The Edge FM competition being held nationwide at 4.30pm today.

The station is encouraging girls to publicly kiss for about 20 seconds, with one girl/girl couple winning a trip to Melbourne to see Katy Perry, singer of the hit song “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

The competition is being promoted on radio and through a text message campaign to young people.

It is another event which further reflects the decline in standards of public decency. The competition is being held in prominent and very public locations throughout the country, at a time when many families and young children could be innocently exposed to these events,says Mrs Taylor.

Now we’re talking a bit of harmless innocent fun here, not a public display of full-on naked tribbing. But I guess the Family Party just couldn’t resist the chance to dog-whistle to the vile homophobic underbelly of New Zealand society.

And, yes, it was the Family Party I was thinking of when I blogged this a few days ago.

Perhaps Mr Dennis, who is a Family Party candidate and regular commenter here might like to explain to readers just why people (or is it just girls) kissing in public reflects a “decline in standards of public decency”.

7 thoughts on “The Homophobia Party

  1. The issue is that it is one more baby-step towards normalising sexual behaviour that many people feel is inappropriate, although I fully appreciate that there isn’t much support for that viewpoint over on this blog! It was just another step coming straight after the boobs on bikes parade.

    We are not homophobic – you won’t see any of our candidates running scared from gays (I doubt you would find many truly homophobic people anywhere)! We just follow the conventional conservative and Biblical view that heterosexuality is natural, and homosexuality is an abnormality (and a sin) that shouldn’t be encouraged. We aren’t out to stop homosexuals doing what they do (here the real enemies of the homosexuals are the Moslems, who’d have gays stoned to death if they had their way), we just don’t want homosexuality portrayed to our children as normal and equivalent to heterosexuality.

  2. You’re scared (or concerned, or whatever you wish to call it) that people practicing a thoroughly natural behaviour (homosexual, bisexual and other sexual behaviours are very widely found in nature) will be seen as “normal and equivalent”. That’s homophobia.

    Whether you intend it or not, when homosexual behaviour (or any behaviour that deviates from some arbitrary norm) is portrayed as abnormal and unnatural, what results is more hate, more scorn, more violence, more social sanctions, and more discrimination. You can pretend you’re only concerned with the public portrayal, but that public portrayal causes very real harm to those who don’t appear to be “normal” in their sexuality.

  3. Lady P, so would I. Although I’m disappointed that there isn’t yet a hit song openly encouraging guys to experiment, and kissing contests in public places!

    More public indecency!

  4. No Right Turn has pointed out something that I missed. In a bit of the Family Party media release I didn’t quote above, candidate Melanie Taylor claims the girl-on-girl kissing competition would “[lead] to increased abortion rates”.

    Now, go figure??? I would have thought, if anything, it might cause a reduction, which the Family Party would surely approve of.

  5. “we just don’t want homosexuality portrayed to our children as normal and equivalent to heterosexuality.”

    And I do want it portrayed to my children as normal and equivalent to heterosexuality.

    Fortunately for me, democracy is vastly, vastly on my side on this one. And judging by demographics, your viewpoint is one that’s thankfully dying out. Yup, I’m gloating a bit – homosexual law reform occurred in my youth and I’m proud of the changes my generation has seen.

    Now, my kid kissing in public to win a prize, that would bother me as I consider it tasteless (excuse the pun). But if they survive young adulthood without doing anything I find tasteless I’ll be gobsmacked.

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