Oh, dem pesky polls – giz us enough votes for Mojo!

After a couple of polls that have been poor for the Greens, the latest Roy Morgan Poll puts the Greens at 8%.

Now, 8% means 10 or 11 seats in Parliament, depending on the overhang and the wasted votes that might go to NZ First – who are looking increasingly like electoral dog food and according to the Roy Morgan Poll are polling at 2.5%, and that before the worst of the revelations about their electoral finance declarations.

So that 8% would get all the current Green MPs elected, plus Kevin Hague, Catherine Delahunty, Kennedy Graham, David Clendon, and (possibly) one of the youngest Green candidates, Gareth Hughes.

This would give a real boost to the Greens in the composition of the next Government, because, unless the Maori Party were to support National, as a result of a deal over the Foreshore and Seabed Act, the figures indicate the Greens are crucial to the formation of the next Government.

Take a look:

Now, on the basis of this poll, and that the National Party are unlikely to agree to repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Act (which the Greens opposed through its passage, and still vehemently argue for its repeal), there is a great opportunity for the Greens.

A few dead rats might have to be swallowed by either of the two best polling parties to form a Government.

But the Greens can do better! Let’s look to get at least 11%. That figure would really set the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons at Parliament, because it would elect Mojo Mathers as New Zealand’s first profoundly deaf Member of Parliament. Mojo has impeccable credentials on both environmental and social issues.

Her election would require Parliament to give some real consideration to enabling people with impairments. And that can be only a good thing!

8 thoughts on “Oh, dem pesky polls – giz us enough votes for Mojo!

  1. So, let’s get campaigning!

    I’d love to see Mojo take a seat, she’s always impressed me as a policy contributor on fora that I visit, and several policy-development issue groups.
    A very inspirational person for anyone who struggles with disabilities affecting activities of daily life!

    cheers for that, Toad, love the pretty pie chart 😉

  2. I can vouch for Mojo too. She would be a real asset to the Greens in parliament (her experience in policy in particular and her positive though definite manner of expressing herself). It would make parliament much more of a real house of representatives too and help dispel the myth that people with disabilities are somehow liabilities.

  3. I have nothing but praise for Mojo. She is always well informed on Green party issues and is a great benefit to us at the local level as well as through her many roles at the national level. Thanks for the pie chart, look at that lovely block of green 🙂

  4. Mojo has done a lot of work with the Malvern Hills Protection Society opposing the CPW Irrigation Scheme down our way (Canterbury), a scheme I have also opposed (on a personal level, the party has no view on this), so good luck to her personally. But I would prefer the Greens as a party to get much fewer votes than that of course!

    I believe she may be speaking at “Cafe Conversations” in New Brighton on Sunday 14th, where I will also be speaking, so it will be good to see her again. If any of you are there too feel free to say hi, it would be good to meet the faces behind the blog comments!

  5. 2:30-4:30pm Sunday 14 Sep.
    Board Room, corner Beresford St and Union Street (Christchurch)
    The meeting is called “Cafe Conversations – Casting a Christian Vote”.
    It would be great to meet you!

    The little picture thingee is because my blog is with WordPress, so my picture appears around WordPress. It doesn’t appear when I post anywhere else.

  6. Hey , what fun to see this post – thanks everyone for the positive feedback – its really appreciated.

    I’m under no illusions just how much of a challenge being NZ’s first profoundly deaf MP would be – but also believe that parliament needs to be much, much more representative – and I would certainly change things just by participating!!

    Technological advances (eg e-mail , texting, NZ relay etc) have enabled my participation in democracy in ways that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago.

    Another important factor has been the excellent work that has been done by many NGO’s – including the NZ Deaf Foundation – towards raising public awareness and changing peoples attitudes towards those living with impairments. Generally speaking, peoples attitudes now are light years away from the attitudes I faced growing up ( when we were regarded as ” Deaf, dumb and daft “) .

    The challenge though, is that there is still a long way to go before people with impairments are fairly included in all aspects of society. And prejudices are still very strong.

    Sam – great to hear from you and good on you for standing as a candidate! I look forwards to seeing you on Sunday. Please send my warmest regards to your family.



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