I don’t recall

Over at frogblog frog blogs about a study that suggests walking can improve memory, and how it may assist politicians.

Frog refers to recent instances of Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s lack of recollection of how more than a dozen children kidnapped from Indian slums have ended up being adopted in Australia during her time as Child Safety Minister and South African President Thabo Mbeki’s lack of recollection of his meeting with French arms company Thomson CSF. Frog even suggests that Winston Peters’ lack of walking may assist him in this regard at the SFO and Privileges Committee investigations into NZFirst finances.

But frog has forgotten something too.

The most famous instance of convenient lack of recollection in recent history is that of disgraced Bush Administration former Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales, who is reported to have used the words “I don’t recall” or variants thereof 74 times in the Congressional hearing into his firing of US Attorneys.


One thought on “I don’t recall

  1. Hahaha… as an American I am stunned and embarrassed that Alberto Gonzales STILL hasn’t faced ANY criminal charges. What’s more disturbing is the world community’s lack of insistence on a War Tribunal for the hell Rummy, Gonzales, Condi, Dick and Dubya let loose on the planet.

    I’m an atheist. But when it comes to those guys, I genuinely wish there was a hell, so I could rest at ease that somehow, somewhere, some body is holding them accountable for the atrocities committed at their behest.

    Please do not let our American Rot land on your shores. Slap your democracy around and demand things from it, or it will rot as quickly as ours.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny

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