Embrace the inner Luddite

Luddites, eh! Gotta love ’em! Bold activists, standing firm against the destructive invasion of heartless technologies that threatened to cast good honest men into the poor house and destroy communities of industrious workers and their families. Did the Luddites sit around bemoaning their fate, whining for handouts and pity? No, they acted decisively in the interest of their people and their communities, risked life and limb, didn’t fold when faced with brutality and persecution, stood together against exploitation by moneyed industrialists. Folk heroes, the Luddites! They could see the writing on the wall, couldn’t they!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Embrace the inner Luddite

  1. Yes! It went really well and we recorded it so I’ll have video and audio online at some point.. will let y’all know.

    It was amusing to see a couple of people wriggle when I asked if anyone was descended from transported luddites. There’s still a large chunk of the Australian population uncomfortable about that part of their history.

  2. The Ludds are my kind of people – they don’t take no crap! Nice to have a bit of that in the Green’s make-up. Most of the public think of us a gentle and accomodating! Lets crack some looms!

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