Out on the street

Was a beautiful day in Dunedin today, and I enjoyed an afternoon spent wandering the north end of Dunedin chatting with people. Was good to see lots of support for the Greens. I was feeling a bit jaded the other day but am now ready for more Green Party Emails … (unfortunately they built up while I was outside). So if you are reading this and feeling down with the state of the world or your inbox – and it is not hard given its current status – I implore you get out and talk to people about it (maybe not your overloaded inbox though there is Free Software Day coming up soon). If suggesting to people that they party vote green is not your thing ask them if they are on the roll. Or you might be more into promoting reduce/reuse and recycle or expounding car alternatives. It is however great fun and worthwhile in fact with the current urgency necessary.


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