Becoming a workers’ legend in my own lunchtime

I sacrificed my lunchbreak today to give out leaflets about the Greens’ Industrial Relations and other policies at the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Workers Union organised rally at North Harbour Stadium.

There was a good turnout:

The Green Party fully supports the EPMU’s wages drive, and the NZCTU’s call for a $15 an hour minimum wage.  We actually have more worker-friendly policy than Labour on Industrial Relations issues.

Of the EPMU’s key election campaign points, the Green Party scores better than Labour, and far better than any other political party in Parliament. 

The Standard listed the EPMU’s key election policy demands yesterday.  I have to say the Greens are the best option for workers on several of these, and as good an option as Labour on all the rest.

If you would like to download the leaflet we gave out to see why, and copy and distribute it in your own workplace, here it is.


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