Yay, we debut at No. 83!

The good news is that g.blog ranks number 83 on nz blogosphere’s political and news blog rankings.  Not bad for a debut effort!

The bad news is that we’re still two places below that appallingly rabid travesty of a blog by dad4justice (which I am not going to link to lest he comes here to comment).


10 thoughts on “Yay, we debut at No. 83!

  1. Watch your mouth Toad – I know who you are !
    You make me sick the way you back stab d4j you weak wimp and silly old fart .

  2. And by the way Toad you should go to the Christchurch Court house and watch d4j helping distraught and confused people as a volunteer friends of the court support person, and McKenzie Friend.He helped my sister and mother. Unlike you, he is assisting in the community whereas you sit on your old arse woffling insane rubbish on the internet.
    Do get a life Toad .

  3. Looks like we have our first troll.

    While we support free speech on g.blog, outright abuse will be moderated. This is getting close, Ruth.

    And for the record, I don’t just “sit on my old arse” but assist in the community too – one of the things I do is support and represent beneficiaries and ACC claimants who are getting a rough deal from the system but can’t afford legal representation.

  4. Frankly, ‘d4j’ has turned up to protests I’ve attended (some I’ve helped to organise) and made some of the assembled crew feel mighty uncomfortable with some of his jibes about the mothers and children present.
    To the point of jeopardising the safety of some attendees.

    Thankfully, he turns up infrequently in Welli, and I visit Christchurch seldom.

    Toad, backed up abso-damn-lutely!

  5. Excuse me, d4j has caused no trouble at any protests, ask the authorities. He has many lady friends and please stop portraying him as a women hating nutbar.

    It is a malicious lie to say that; “some of the assembled crew feel mighty uncomfortable with some of his jibes about the mothers and children present.” This is a lie and can be backed up with evidence. What is with you sick and sad people?He does NOT put down mothers or children. You are so callous saying that.

    I will advise him of the your libelous and totally unwarranted claims, which amount to a cowardly character assassination.

    Every protest I have seen him attend, he was accompanied by women and children.He has never caused trouble at ANY protest.

    Someone is telling lies. Maybe a JUDGE should decide?

  6. “Looks like we have our first troll.” No need to feed it though toad 😉

    I’d really encourage g.blog to remove Ruth’s posts.

    They add absolutely nothing to the debate, and if they are left here it demonstrates a tolerance for that sort of posting. They also tie up energy and comments when people feel the need to respond, which means that the unconstructive/abusive/idiotic posters set the agenda for the discussion (as happens on many other polictical blogs).

  7. Ruth, I thought d4j didn’t have a lot of time for Judges.

    Anyway, some of your comments seem to be worded very much like his. Hmmm, maybe I should look at the IP addresses!

    I’ve only once ever been to the Christchurch District Court, representing an ACC claimant in an appeal about 10 years ago. So I have to take your word for it re d4j’s “assisting the community”.

    But you could suggest to him that on blogs he argues the issue, rather than just abuses people – references like “twisted scum” are actually counterproductive in convincing anyone of the validity of your argument.

    [Edit: Otherwise I and other g.blog authors might take up weka’s suggestion above that I’ve just read. This blog is not Whale Oil – some reasonable level of civility and argument is expected here. I’ll give “Ruth” some credit for “her” last post – unlike the earlier ones, it was civil and did contain an argument.]

  8. Toad, I don’t have any time for trolls whatsoever. I don’t read comments sections that contain them. This blog has thusfar been mercifully free of them. Keep it that way =)

    A commenter who uses weirdo sick scum creep in their first comment is not likely to improve in tone, even if their language falls into line – they’re likely to continue to be abusive and non-constructive. Shoot them on sight.

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