Mini McCarthy

Check out Trevor Loudon’s latest investigative work where this time he aims even higher: Jeanette Fitzsimons.  He sets out with the ambitious goal of proving she is a communist.  But after taking  well over 1000 words to make his case he manages to prove that she attended two conferences of suspected socialists about 13 or 14 years ago at which she argued the importance of the environment and that they needed to become Green.

Good work Trev, that’s another secret communist plot exposed. (But wait, isn’t the Emissions Trading Scheme is a capitalist market response rather than a communist one, to an environmental problem?)

Thanks for the photo: Infinite Jeff at Flickr

4 thoughts on “Mini McCarthy

  1. I think this guy Loudon is hilarious.

    Strongly recommended reading for those in need of a good laugh.

  2. Dear Trevor

    I found a communist under my bed last night. What do you think I should do with him. He seemed quite nice actually. Would it be okay to have sex with him? Just for fun, of course, not breeding.

    Lady Penelope

  3. Dear Lady Penelope,

    I’ve found the odd communist myself.

    I doubt that Trevor will endorse your position, but I suggest that fun is always a good thing, and a communist in the hand may become a communist with exceptional skills learnt in consensus based discussions, who might be a very considerate lover. I tend to prefer reds in the bed, rather than under it ..

    Just remember to leave the pearls in the safe for the evening!

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