Why I’m glad I’m not a Green MP

I have had a bit of a break from the greens this weekend – only one meeting and didn’t check my email till this evening. Bliss… While I indulged in a breath of Dunedin summer I would pause every now and then. Pause and think about our dilemma. Then I would offer thanks that I’m not going to be in caucus on Tuesday morning. Sitting around a table making a very pivotal decision. I have not decided. I trust you guys to make a good decision. I just hope that there is a right decision to make, but know that there isn’t. Know that whatever choice you make we will back you up – If you can justify it – and work even harder to get more Green MPs so next time the compromise can be pulled further away from growth/pollution in the direction of a sustainable future.

As I heard Metiria say recently – In there [parliament] numbers is the only thing that matters. While in true kiwi fashion we have achieved so much with so little this time we didn’t have enough. So if you are reading this blog, pondering as I still am what path should be taken please help us get more MPs so next term when this happens the Green tinge is a bit stronger.

To those that think this is a stunt laid against a decision already made I would like to say you are wrong. While this might be a politically expedient thing to do it would have been just as expedient to drop the whole Section 59 issue when it blew up, filing it under to hard and moving on. It is not as though there was not a billion other things to fix. I joined the greens because they stuck to their principles, our principles. While we have matured and learned from our mistakes the day the party deserts Green Principles is the day I will resign my membership.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m glad I’m not a Green MP

  1. This expresses what I feel exactly, even though I’ve already chipped in an opinion. It’s an impossibly hard task, but we trust you to weigh all the evidence we haven’t got access to, and come to the best and most principled decision.

    Kia kaha.

  2. Of all the people in a position to make a considered, informed, ethical decision on this matter, Jeanette Fitzsimons is the one I put my faith in. All of the fluster that has surrounded this issue over the last few days is just noise really and while I do think the views of those passionate about whether or not to support the ETS will be looked at fairly, I have confidence that wise heads will prevail.

  3. Ack, and just as I was writing something on §59, too 😉

    I can only second you on your comments in reply to people thinking our principles of democratic decision-making are somehow a “stunt”.

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