Havin a mayor!

Wellingtonians will be starting to get that feeling Americans must have had a year ago when they looked back over 4 years of Bush senior, eight of Clinton and eight of Bush junior and decided if they wanted another Clinton.

Here in Wellington, we’ve outlasted a procession of tarmacophile mayors including most recently Mark Blumsky, who passed on the mayoral robes to incumbent Kerry Prendergast in 2001 in a manner that felt like an anointment rather than an election.  And now Blumsky wants to come back.  Seemingly with Prendergast’s blessing.

Prendergast and her supporters are currently trying to get rid of STV.  Who can blame her – STV has replaced of some of her close supporters and confidants with people like this and made life difficult for those who have liked things the way they used to be (Prendergast needed 9 iterations of transfered votes to cross the 50% barrier last election).  And her newly named successor/predecessor Blumsky never had to win under STV.  So she’ll try to remove that obstacle to the dynasty’s well being next month while everyone is worrying about politics of a different sort.


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