Don’t keep us in suspense Trev

Our good green friend Trevor Loudon is finally back blogging again.  And this time he seems to be doing a  profile series on Green activists.  He begins with this piece on Rayna Fahey listing a lot of the great work she has been doing in recent years and describing her as trusted, energetic, experienced and well connected.

Well Trev, you’ve made us all jealous now.  Whose next? We want to know when our turn is.

Personally if I may be presumptuous I think I’m just the sort of muse you might be looking for.  I’m a long time Green Party member, with previous involvement in organising illegal protests and a believer of such socialist ideologies as free health care and education for everyone, I even hugged a tree once.  I’d be willing to give you an interview and a photo shoot (I’ll iron my No GE tee shirt!).  Just send me an email.

I’d be happy to dob in some other people who I suspect of being Green too.  (That’s how this MacCarthy thing works, eh?)


2 thoughts on “Don’t keep us in suspense Trev

  1. It was pretty shoddy research too.. No mention of the Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle. Let alone the Radical House Wives Baking Club and Terrorist Society.

    Try harder Trev

  2. Well, I s’pose that’s better than some of the wildly inaccurate stuff he posted last year, which for some reason has been taken as gospel by Ian Wishart and reproduced in the article on the Urewera activists, in the latest issue of ‘Investigate’ magazine.

    Never found the Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society, either ….

    Don’t buy a copy! Just read the article in the shop, and then throw it back down in disgust!

    I can’t believe those guys have never found any of my writing under this, or any other, weblog titles!!! *Very* shoddy researchers.
    Dinosaurs who don’t FB? *big smirk*

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