conflagration or damp squib?

Interesting to read in the comments on Frogblog, that over here on, we’re thought of as too nice, and that we’re not attracting debate, fiery or otherwise. Perhaps we need to ramp up the posts, with inflamatory titles to draw a crowd;

” Key responsible for collapse of whitebait fishery”

“Dunne orders hemp suit”

“Winston comes clean” (pick the most unlikely headline)

“Brethren put their weight behind Clark”

Farrar declares National ‘corrupt’.

Not provocative enough? Perhaps you have a suggestion of your own!


7 thoughts on “conflagration or damp squib?

  1. Seriously, I’d hate to see the new blogs get the same kind of ‘debate’ that frogblog, or The Standard etc get. What I’d really like to see is some intelligent conversation amongst people that care about the issues being raised and who know how to care about the people they are talking to as well.

  2. the biggest issue in the world now is how to make the world become the more peacefully place for us..

    lets start from the smallest place like this forum..


    peace for you all bro.. πŸ™‚

  3. Greens admit secret stalinist agenda! πŸ˜‰

    Jeanettically modified agriculture policies!

    As Weka said above, if this place gets “debate” like that on Frogblog (Phil U and his band of Kiwiblog trolls), Standard, Kiwiblog etc, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

    Sometimes quiet is good, rather than having to wade through meaningless chatter. The debate that happens between posts is often the most rewarding to participate in and read.

  4. The comment numbers here are not overwhelming but the readership numbers are still doing quite well, especially these two posts: “Hey, I’m cycling here?” and “Solar windows!”

  5. Yeah, thought I’d get a bit of debate with “Deadbeat Dads”, but apart from one avid Family Party commenter, hardly anyone has taken it up .

    I suggest we link our posts to other blogs, and maybe just give them a preview of and link to the full version which we post on, and that will likely get people coming here.

    If that’s what we want – not sure you do George?

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