An introduction

So, it seems I got caught in the trap of posting something cool before I got a chance to properly introduce myself. It’s really funny how that seems to happen in the blogosphere!

I go by Ari online, for a variety of reasons, and you may have caught me rambling along at Still Truckin’ or commenting on various political or feminist blogs, including the fabulous Frogblog, in the past. I’m actually very new to being a member of the Green Party, (I only just joined this year) but I’ve been a solid Green supporter in one way or another since I started getting really interested in politics, around about the time of the split from the Alliance- which coincidentally is a bit longer than I’ve been able to vote. 😉

I hope to bring you all some interesting thoughts on identity politics, our Green image and how to use it effectively while remaining true to the spirit of the policy pillars, and just whatever Green-related I happen to pick up on, especially as we approach another election where the coverage increasing centres (pun accidental, I swear) around Labour and National.


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