A video in which I partially explain myself

Here is a video from the Youth Campaign Launch that happened in Wellington on August 1. My insiders tell me it was awesome, but of course I knew that as I attended in spirit. It explains partially why I am running this election and I “made” it in my sister’s apartment in Mexico (ie recorded the sound and someone way better than me made it look pretty).

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About zacharydorner

I'm an 18 year old running as a candidate for the Green Party this election. This is because I care deeply about the world around us - the planet and the people who live on it. I also care deeply about the fact that young people - especially those under 18 - are so poorly represented in our "democratic" institutions. My personal blog is zackarateisland.blogspot.com, but I will contribute here as I see relevant to keep all you beautiful readers of gblog informed.

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