Dirty Tricks Brigade

I’m interested to know if the kind of ‘opinion piece’ published today in our regional newspaper from Invercargill’s Eric Roy, pushing the cynical view that ‘the emails were stolen’ and ‘the tapes were doctored’ is typical of the media utterences of National Party MP’s around the country. Eric says,

“It’s official, the days of pinching emails and other dirty tricks have not ended. We now have electronic eavesdroppers who will not only record but manipulate the conversation to get something sensational at social functions. There is also more than a little evidence that some of the recordings have been modified to make them even more sensational’.

Are other National MP’s doggedly chanting this mantra in a coordinated effort to misdirect public thought or is it simply ‘Eric’s own finking”? I’d love to know if the same message is appearing in other regional rags.


One thought on “Dirty Tricks Brigade

  1. I’ve heard this from Labour sources, who are quite happily running round Welly espousing the values of editing programmes.

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