free software, free education

Just thought I’d take the chance to do a big heads up about a speaking tour that is happening at the moment.

Richard Stallman is currently doing the rounds in New Zealand. It’s not all there. I have just put up some posters about his Dunedin Talk which will be 7pm 19th August at St David lecture theatre Otago University.

He was interviewed on Radio NZ on the Saturday programme and you can hear the interview in full free and open glory at Please select the ogg format – mp3 would be like listening to Sue K speak at a public meeting in MacDonald’s…

Free software is not just freeware – Stuff you can legally download without paying any money for. Free software is software that gives you freedom.
0) The freedom to use it how you want to,
1) figure out how it works,
2) share it with others,
3) make it better and share your modifications.
Find out more at the Free Software Foundation, and/or check out Richard Stallman’s homepage


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