Work testing Invalid’s & Sickness Beneficiaries

I’ve just noticed a post over at frogblog Why not send the children out work instead

A National Party, Family Party, Kiwi Party coalition (scary thought) policy: Send the children out to work and hold public spankings of those who won’t go!

More seriously though, the National Party’s policy details have now been released, and they are far worse than the rumours on the frogblog post.

They are not just going to work-test people on DPB, but also those on Invalid’s Benefit (qualification: “permanently and severely restricted in his or her capacity for work because of sickness, or because of injury or disability from accident or congenital defect”) and Sickness Benefit (qualification: “not in full-time employment, is willing to undertake it, but because of sickness, injury, or disability is limited in his or her capacity to seek, undertake, or be available for full-time employment”).

Work testing Invalid’s and Sickness Beneficiaries could well be the tipping point that plunges already vulnerable ill, injured and disabled people further into physical and/or mental illness.


One thought on “Work testing Invalid’s & Sickness Beneficiaries

  1. It’s just occurred to me who the real authors of the Nats’ welfare policy are – McDonalds! Wonder how much they donated to National for this policy?

    Just think about it – Mum’s got nowhere in the school hols to park Junior during her compulsory 15 hours a week employment at the local McDonalds. So Junior comes along too. Mum serves the food, while Junior wanders around binning all the wasted packaging that’s left on the tables.

    Two workers for the price of one! And there’s a play area for Junior during the times business is slow.

    Mmmm! I’m lovin’ it!

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