Outside, real world

In case anyone is wondering 🙂

it’s as sunny as it could possibly be here in the south. The plum blossom is beginning to unfold, spring bulbs flowering, tomato seeds sprouting on the windowsill. We’ve somehow avoided all of the rough weather that rolled around in the north, even missing the snow falls in the centre of the South Island. The winter has been very mild, leaving the rhubarb rampant right through (it is normally levelled by frosts). There has been an enormous growth in the interest in home gardening down here – garden centres report record sales of seedlings and seed potatoes. All good signs of self-reliance and resilience in the south! All we need now is a government that recognises that this is the way foward – self-supporting, active, motivated communities that value their own products and back themselves over distant markets and ‘advisors’.


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