Farting in a lift

I find it disconcerting hearing OUSA (Student Association) presidential candidates say they do not support the protest of an unjust law by bending it. Um, sorry what’s that you say. Norightturn is running a campaign to repeal blasphemy. Do you disagree that an entirely appropriate way of protesting this rather outdated law might be to quote:

James Kirkup’s Love that Dares to Speak its Name: (hat tip: Norightturn)

“As they took him from the cross
I, the centurion, took him in my arms-
the tough lean body
of a man no longer young,
beardless, breathless,
but well hung.”

This would be bending the law. It would also be making a point. Especially if done in a group with different people translating the above quote into different languages. Imagine that a group started doing this every Wednesday and Friday at 4.20 around the walnut tree by the union lawn on the University of Otago Dunedin Campus. Would this be worth wasting police time by sending undercover police to infiltrate the group. Would it be acceptable if they did it at a party while pissed out of their tree?

Smoking Pot out of sight and out of mind is currently “naughty” according to our laws. So is inciting a “riot” and bottling police officers. Smoking pot as part of a biweekly protest every time is possibly not the most intelligent thing to be doing with your time but in my mind more socially acceptable than doing so at a party. Can we all not just settle down take a nice big deep breath of fresh air and make a rational decision. And for those hysterical about the smell – I agree it reeks – and when you take a rational stance and oppose cigarettes, and automobiles which both produce a worse stench maybe then I would respect your integrity.


2 thoughts on “Farting in a lift

  1. Hmmm can anyone suggest how to get the quote on the bottom of my quotation? Looks a bit lost with only one.

  2. Sorry the template we’re using at the moment only allows for quotes to be laid out as you have it at present. We might play with the CCS later when we decide to invest some money into this.

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