Fear and loathing on the Western Rail Line

I arrived at work about 80 minutes late today, thanks to disruption on Auckland’s Western Rail Line.

Now, occasionally disruption of rail services is unavoidable, due to mechanical breakdown or points or signal failure. But this one was caused by – wait for it – a train running out of diesel and blocking the line. At a time when we are trying to encourage people onto public transport to ease road congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this is the sort of shambles we don’t need. I would expect no less than the person or people responsible getting the sack.

Looking at the bright side, I suppose it was fortunate that it was a train that ran out of fuel, and not an aircraft.


One thought on “Fear and loathing on the Western Rail Line

  1. Sorry to hear your train was Veolia’d, toad! Sad to say, delays are common on all Auckland rail lines (especially the Western line currently being duplicated), though this is the first time I’ve heard of a train running out of gas (get used to it, world).

    I would point out much of these delays could have been averted if ARTA had gone with simpler, cheaper plans to finish duplicating the West rail line. A surface duplication of the New Lynn section would have cost half the $120m underground lines they are building, and taken 6 months instead of 2 years.

    The relocation of Avondale station ‘to move it closer to shops’ is just daft – try building new shops round the existing station; there’s plenty of land to do so.

    And the Newmarket fiasco (building a new triangle so trains can run straight to Britomart, while planning a Western CBD line that will eliminate the need for this).

    These daft projects delay and obstruct so many passengers that many never return to public transport. The Greens need to ‘box clever’ and insist on smart projects that get quick gains to win public support, but with an eye on genuinely transformed transport, not daft concrete projects that really only benefit the construction companies…

    Rant over – hope ya trains get back on track 😉

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