Get the pokies out of pubs

Sue Bradford launched the Green Party’s Community and Voluntary Sector policy for this year’s election today.

The highlight is the Greens “Get the pokies out of pubs” policy. This recognises that it is not only vulnerable individuals, but much of the community and voluntary sector itself, who have inadvertently become addicted to gaming machines and the revenue provided by them.

The policy would establish a $150m fund to compensate community organisations for the loss of “pokie trust” grant revenue from abolishing pub pokies. The level of the fund would diminish over a period of time, as community groups take initiatives to gain access to alternative sources of funding.

The Greens’ Community & Voluntary Sector policy would also increase Community Organisations Grants Scheme funding from $14m pa to $34m pa, to enable community organisation to be more effective in serving their communities.

And for who comment about costings of Green policy (cue in big bro) I think the above provides it – $170m, plus a few bits and pieces associated wth other aspects of the policy that are fiscally inconsequential.


3 thoughts on “Get the pokies out of pubs

  1. Nice one Sue. I like the plan to get rid of the pub pokies. My husband hardly ever come home before 8 or 9 at night. He’s always lost shitloads and I pay all the bills. Hope you can make this happen.

    Lots of love, Penny

  2. And what if he moves to spending the money on drinking with his mates? Ban alcohol?

  3. Stephen- of course not, but then again, community organisations don’t run bars to gain funds. The Greens tend towards withdrawing tacit support for social harms rather than outright punishment.

    (Cue in big bro whining about §59 😉 )

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