Puffin’ Billy

John Key’s doing quite a good job, isn’t he, of acting his way out of the trouble his deputy and friends got him into, with their careless thinking out loud. His ‘anger’ almost seems real. I suppose he is furious, though for a different reason, and with someone other than Labour, or the sneaky left-wing activist. And why not use that fury against his opponents, rather than his own men (at least in public!). It seems a bit sad though, to see loyal Nat supporters swallowing Key’s ‘faux outrage’ and English’s ‘victim’ act, so readily. Todays Southland Times reported,

“In the heart of his Clutha-Southland electorate voters were right behind their man. Mr English was “a straight shooter” and an “absolutely outstanding” politician, said two voters spoken to by The Southland Times yesterday.”

Makes your little heart swell with pride, doesn’t it!


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