Join why did I?

For my first post I thought I would revisit my reasons for joining the party – reasons which have lead me to be sitting (In a mouldy flat) in front of a computer screen casting words into the ether in the hope of making a splash.

I joined the party during the last election campaign. The campaign had politicised me. I became addicted to lying in bed to listen to nine 2 noon. Enraged by yet another disgusting below the belt attack by National on the poor or Maori. Finding myself agreeing more and more with the Green Party Line – on most issues. Finding myself arguing for the Green Party position, I came to the conclusion. I support them why don’t I join them. So I did. My only regret is that I didn’t get more active during the last campaign.


So if you find yourself sticking up for us most of the time. Why not join the party.



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