eat yer groats!

The Nats conference got of to a sparse start, we learned today through a leaky insider, with the no-show of refreshments for attendant journalists. It’s barely worth mentioning I know, but it did bring to mind two contrasting experiences I’ve had – one at a Green Party and the other at a National Party conference. I breakfasted at both (thanks Bill and thanks Jeanette). At the former, I was amazed by the healthiness of the fare – fruits, yoghurts, grains and breads of all sorts, everything you’d need to get you through a productive day of presentations, issues and debates. The Nat breakfast, by contrast, was ‘traditional’ – I lined up behind Don Brash as he heaped cornflakes into his bowl and wondered where he would draw his energy from as the day progressed. While I’m still grateful for the invitation to both events,  I can’t help but wonder at whether the quality of decision making is affected by the sort of food that is served. No wonder the Green team has such rich and satisfying policies (and, dare I say it) the Nats such thin policy fare!


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