The virgin toad and the misanthropist mayor

Hey, what a great idea!  I’ve always wanted to be a political blogger in my own right, but thought setting up my own blog would look rather silly, as I would probably get around to doing only 1 or 2 posts a week, so no-one would ever bother to go there.

With gblog we can have a whole community of Green bloggers supporting each other (and debating with each other) to get the Green message across, and the blog should still be credible even if some of us don’t get around to posting very often.  So here’s my very first post.

Check out this interview from ALT TV with Auckland mayor John Banks:

Now as a Green, I’m an animal rights supporter and a conservationist.  But if someone cares more about the rights of animals than those of people, I would expect him or her to be out in the wilderness doing conservation work, or at least be an urban-based conservation and animal rights activist, rather than the mayor of a major city.

Maybe his next foray into local politics will be to stand for Mayor of Auckland Island – I’m sure both lots of penguins and lots of Aucklanders would welcome that.


4 thoughts on “The virgin toad and the misanthropist mayor

  1. toad! awesome to read that you’re going to be posting. I’ve enjoyed your comments on various blogs and I hope you’ll be setting your sense of humour free on gblog!

  2. I forgot to say, Don’t , for God’s sake, send Banks to the Auckland Island’s! There has already been a disfunctional mayor involved with the penguins of those far flung isles and we don’t want to give another one a chance. Tierra del Fuiego is a better option, in my mind!

  3. I dont think being a Green neccesitates being an animal rights advocate, possibly an animal welfare advocate but by no means animal rights. big difference toad.
    though I will give you the conservationist point.

    I think one could probally do more for animal rights or welfare from the mayors office than from the forest. always good to ave misanthropists around though!

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