Pulse of the Nation

Great to see so many people posting now to the blog! I just wanted to quickly let people know about an interesting website game that has been set up around the election. I got an invite to go and register today through SmileCity (which I normally ignore but occasionally something comes through I will go check out). Here is an explanation of how the game works from their website:

Playing Pulse of the Nation is Easy. Each Round you’ll do two things:

  • Vote in our fortnightly Virtual Election
  • Predict the outcome of the Virtual Election for each party

To predict the outcome of the poll, enter the percentage of the Virtual Vote you think each party will win in the box beside their name. Each adjustment will be represented graphically in a box next to your prediction. To get your started, we’ll give you a few clues – like who won the party vote in the last election and what you picked last Round. Once you’ve made your picks for each Round, hit Submit.

We’ll award you one game point for each percentage point of the vote you correctly predict – but we’ll penalise you one game point for each percentage point you get wrong. If you predict a party’s percentage support exactly, you’ll get that number of game points.

Remember you’ll need to get your predictions recorded by 12 NOON Wednesday each fortnight (NZ time). There is an 8Gb iPod Touch prize for the winner of each round of voting.

You can create your own mates list, you can track exactly how they’re doing and measure your own success against them. After the close off time for each Round you will be able to see your Mate’s Picks and Points – but never their Virtual Vote.

At the last vote round, the Green Party gathered 4.6% of the party vote out of the 7200 people registered so far. I think we can get that a lot higher!

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