Street gutters

I’m not against cars, but why do they get all the funding and attention at the expense of everyone else?  Not only do they take up most of the space allocated from travelling on but if you want to walk on the car it you are not allowed to until someone paints a stripy white line for you to cross on.  Cars don’t need that when they want to venture onto the footpath. And if you’re on a bike, your rightful place is skirting along next to the gutter. I don’t reckon we need to look much further for proof that the street planners who preceded us were thinking mostly about cars rather than other forms of transport than these things:

Gutter on Riddiford St, Newtown

Gutter on Riddiford St, Newtown

Anyone who has ridden a skinny wheeled road bike through the streets of Wellington must grimace in empathetic pain when they see one of those things.


6 thoughts on “Street gutters

  1. At the expense of everyone else? Dr. Norman is quite right to be so disgusted that bicycle registration fees, cytcleway user charges and the bicycle tire tax are being diverted to pay for facilities for motor travellers.

    Cars and bicycles and horse riders have been prohibited from travelling along or obstructing footpaths since 1876. That was the same year that it became compulsory to keep as far to the left as practical when being overtaken.

    Sheesh, road traffic problems existed before the motor.

  2. I used to cycle everywhere in the UK and have cycled in quite a lot of Europe,
    The main barrier to me cycling here isn’t drain covers with the grills the wrong way around,
    The main reason I stopped was the piss poor driving abilties in Nelson where I live. I just don’t feel safe, not sure what can be done about that though

  3. I have to agree with thomas, The one outside my house has the bars at right angles to the kerb. In fact I can’t recall ever seeing ones that weren’t at right angles.

    Speaking from experience, the rail tracks across Aotea Quay can throw you over the handlebars too.

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