Metiria’s Tuna Tour

I’d wondered whether Metiria’s ‘Save the Eels’ talk on Monday night at Invercargill would have pulling power this close to the election, but I needn’t have. While there were plenty of ‘green supporter’ faces in the audience, Metiria and the topic of eels had drawn reps from the regional councils, Fish & Game, QEII Trust and, naturally enough, the eel fishing industry. All seemed rapt with the film, ‘Longfin’ and Metiria’s talk. Afterwards, the room was humming – I overheard talk on sequestering carbon in peat swamps, the legal status of trout, the effects of urea on Southland’s rivers and plenty else. It was an impressive evening and a strong showing from the Greens. Catch the ‘Eel Tour’ if you can.


One thought on “Metiria’s Tuna Tour

  1. Metiria was in Nelson last Thursday, with the save the eels tour
    We also had a well attended evening. Debs from forest and bird also spoke on the Save the Mokihinui campaign.
    All in all, there were some very knowledgeable locals who turned up and made a great contribution.
    I think we may have signed up three new members as well
    which is always nice
    I agree with Jackhunn catch the “Longfin Eel tour” if you can

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