Biking to the pub

Thursday week Russel is holding his second Politics in the Pub soirée at Bar Edward, in Newtown (here’s the facebook link if you want to come along).  He’ll be talking with Robert Ibell, the national spokesperson for the Cycle Advocacy Network.  I’m really hoping that lots of cyclists come along. Bar Edward is a great pub, and lots of locally brewed beer on tap and NZ wines but ironically it doesn’t have obviously cycle friendly facilities.  Last Politics in the Pub I tied my bike to lamp-post outside, as did a few other cyclists, and there subsequently there weren’t to many lamp-posts left on that section of Riddiford St by the beginning of the talk.  I figure if we keep delivering business like that often enough to the bar they’ll have to invest in some bike racks.  It will be kind of like Critical Mass but with beer.

When I was in Holland one of the things I loved was that the breweries there gave bike racks with advertising of their beer on them to pubs in the same way that breweries here give pubs advertising covered coasters, caps and sofas. The assumption that underlay that advertising pitch was supurb. (BTW – I’m not advocating cycling drunk, but I know I’d rather be hit by a drunk cyclist than a drunk driver.)

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