Green Cabs

I work for a company where people are traveling around the country and often need to take cabs. Recently we have been emailed from head office to suggest that we start using Green Cabs when in the main centres. I went and had a look through their website and this looks to be a pretty good option! The cars are all Pirus hybrids and trips are not only more environmentally friendly but they often cost less as well (according to people from work who have already traveled in their cars). They also offset carbon emissions through a tree planting initiative called ‘Trees for the Future’ (see video below) which has been responsible for planting 50 million trees worldwide while also helping people in third world countries to improve their livelihoods. It all seems to be good idea to me. I think I will check them out next time I need a cab!

4 thoughts on “Green Cabs

  1. Those Green Cabs are so quiet too! They just breeze along, and the trip computer that shows the energy usage in the car is also very cool. 🙂

  2. yep – i am sadly addicted to watching the little display show me when the prius battery is charging. I was never interested in cars before this.


    I spotted a cruisy looking GreenCab on Brooklyn Road this morning – although it had a significant dent on the driver’s side – poor thing

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