A new design for a new blog

I am writing the very first post on this new blog that has been set up to give a voice to people that want to write about and discuss green issues. This is a place for everyday people to have their say and think about what ‘being green’ means for them in their own lives.

Getting this blog set up has already triggered off a question in my mind. When choosing the design for our online spaces, should we be trying to pick ‘dark’ themes so as to save power when sitting at our computer screens? Does that actually make any real impact at all?

There are websites out there that claim to be saving power and the environment by ‘going dark’. There are two search alternatives that do this: Blackle and Doogle.

On the Doogle website it explains the idea behind the dark screen it uses by saying, “You can see that a white screen needs 74 Watts while a black screen needs 59Watts. That means that every time you display a black page you “save” roughly 15 Watts.”

However, there are many other articles and blog entries such as this one from the GreenBang Blog that point out that the energy savings are minuscule when using dark screens (especially using LCD screens) and that people may cancel out any benefits by spending longer trying to read the results as white writing on a dark background is more difficult to read. Some I read also are rather cynical about the real purpose of these sites – is it to help save the environment or a clever way to try and get market share and therefore generate income?

I think that even if the jury is out on whether lighter or darker screen options are the best for the environment, any raising of awareness on the need to save power through individual choices and actions can only be good for the cause in general. What do you think? Should this blog ‘go dark’?

Author: Suzie Vesper

4 thoughts on “A new design for a new blog

  1. Yeah – I agree. This design looks so much better. Readability has to be there and it sounds as if the dark screen argument is pretty thin on the ground anyway 🙂

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